Puncture Repairs

Tyre Repairs / Puncture Repairs

Puncture repairs hertford by a team tyresWe also offer puncture repair services for most tyres to the British standard BS AU 159

So long as your tyre is still serviceable and the inside of the sidewalls are not damaged we will always try to keep you on the road and keep the cost of your repair to a minimum. we only recommend replacements if and when absolutely needed. if the tyre has been damaged beyond repair we will always be happy to show you when the tyre is off the wheel exactly what the damage is and you would be free to take your old unit away for a second opinion if you have any doubts as we believe in being fair and don’t like how some fast fit centers try to pull the wool over customers eyes.

Puncture repair subject to the following kinds of damage are not repairable: Visible wire Rubber or tread splits Tyre deterioration Damage larger than regulations will allow However, we can repair most punctures. If not we can recommend replacement.