We also offer wheel balancing on all types of wheels. Balancing is very important and is a part of the fitting process that is often overlooked or not done correctly by staff who don’t have the right training to properly balance wheels and tyres.. It should not be overlooked as balancing can affect the car in so many ways. firstly, incorrectly balanced wheels will cause steering wheel vibration at higher speeds on A roads and motor ways and if the rear wheels are not balance properly too you can feel those same vibrations through the seat as the rear of the car will be shaking and vibrating at certain speed too. But even at lower speeds will affect your vehicle in ways you didn’t even realize.

Poorly balanced wheels can affect and cause extra wear on suspension components such as seals on the shock absorbers as well as the premature wear of suspension bushes. Not to mention the discomfort you feel when driving the car in these conditions.

That is why we strive to fully and correctly balance all wheels properly to ensure these issues are avoided. For these type of symptoms such as shaking at speeds it can sometimes be a mechanical issue but we are always happy if you would like to phone us so we can try to determine the problem and if needed book you into come see us to try and fix your problem.

We offer latest wheel balancing technology with the top range equipment like the one below (HUNTER ROAD FORCE ELITE 9700)

Watch this movie explaining how it works and what are the benefits it offers and therefore we offer to you as part of our top quality service.