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New Tyres In Hertford.

We offer a full range of very competitively priced new tyres in hertford for car, commercial. and 4×4. We have a range of suppliers so we can find the best price for our customer to stay competitive in the new market.

Most of our suppliers will deliver sometimes twice a day so usually if you place an order with us before 12 pm we can get the tyres the same day for an afternoon fitment. If you want a Saturday fitting you can order anytime before half 5 or sometimes 6 depending on the supplier for a Saturday delivery also.

Please feel free to ring us with your tyre size for a quote over the phone or use our contact us section or sales@ateamtyres email address to ask for a quote if you’re busy and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Part Worn Tyres In Hertford.

We offer a wide range of fully tested Part Worn Tyres that still have 75 to 100 percent of the usable tread still remaining at a fraction of the cost of new tyres. As tyre sizes on all cars having been increasing over the last few years, now most sizes are 17inch and above this means tyre prices for most people can run into the hundreds of pounds per tyre, In many cases a thousand or more for a full set if you have runflat tyres or 19/20 inch tyres
We hand select all our part worn tyres from our suppliers then once they arrive at the shop each and every tyre is thoroughly inspected by hand inside and out and then all are fitted to a wheel and pressure tested and checked to make sure they are serviceable. Once we get your old tyre off we then always fit a new valve and clean the tyre bead to rim area and if needed we can apply a layer of tyre bead sealant to make sure that any parts of an alloy with paint missing from the seal area do not leak when the new tyre is put on. We take a lot of time in this process and pride ourselves in doing the job right so that we can offer you a very safe yet affordable option to keep you rolling.
We offer a 48 hour warranty period for any loss of pressure and will always replace any tyre in that period that loses any pressure. generally after this period if the tyre has maintained pressure it will continue to do so with no problems. Although don’t forget most car manufacturers, and us as well, recommend checking your tyre pressures on a weekly basis and before every journey. this is a good idea as if you get a slow puncture and you do regular checks then the puncture can be found early and usually fixed before the tyre is driven on with little or no pressure thus damaging the sidewall of the tyre making a repair impossible.
The only limitation to our warranty is if your wheels are pot hole damaged making the wheel out of shape, as this can cause the seal around the tyre to not be 100 percent airtight. Also if the alloy wheel has sustained any cracks in the metal (usually from holes in the road as well) allowing air to escape, however we have contacts in the local area that can both fix small dents on the inner part of the wheel and weld cracks in alloy wheels to save you having to purchase a new alloy.
Please feel free to call us and give us the tyre size you are looking for and we will be happy to check our stock availability and give you a fully fitted price before you arrive. Or alternatively use our contact us section and we will either email you back or ring you when you say is convenient.

Audi alloy wheels – Use and New

We also offer many new and second hand alloy wheels. Used ones are in very good condition, please see some samples below and contact us if interested.
All alloy wheels are original AUDI branded and come from top spec cars, we can match them to your car with great tyres or provide you just rims.

Wheel Balancing In Hertford.

We also offer wheel balancing on all types of wheels. Balancing is very important and is a part of the fitting process that is often overlooked or not done correctly by staff who don’t have the right training to properly balance wheels and tyres.. It should not be overlooked as balancing can affect the car in so many ways. firstly, incorrectly balanced wheels will cause steering wheel vibration at higher speeds on A roads and motor ways and if the rear wheels are not balance properly too you can feel those same vibrations through the seat as the rear of the car will be shaking and vibrating at certain speed too. But even at lower speeds will affect your vehicle in ways you didn’t even realize.
Poorly balanced wheels can affect and cause extra wear on suspension components such as seals on the shock absorbers as well as the premature wear of suspension bushes. Not to mention the discomfort you feel when driving the car in these conditions.
That is why we strive to fully and correctly balance all wheels properly to ensure these issues are avoided. For these type of symptoms such as shaking at speeds it can sometimes be a mechanical issue but we are always happy if you would like to phone us so we can try to determine the problem and if needed book you into come see us to try and fix your problem.
We offer latest wheel balancing technology with the top range equipment like the one below (HUNTER ROAD FORCE ELITE 9700)

Watch this movie explaining how it works and what are the benefits it offers and therefore
we offer to you as part of our top quality service.

Puncture Repairs In Hertford.

We also offer puncture repair services for most tyres to the British standard BS AU 159
So long as your tyre is still serviceable and the inside of the sidewalls are not damaged we will always try to keep you on the road and keep the cost of your repair to a minimum. we only recommend replacements if and when absolutely needed. if the tyre has been damaged beyond repair we will always be happy to show you when the tyre is off the wheel exactly what the damage is and you would be free to take your old unit away for a second opinion if you have any doubts as we believe in being fair and don’t like how some fast fit centers try to pull the wool over customers eyes.
Puncture repair subject to the following kinds of damage are not repairable: Visible wire Rubber or tread splits Tyre deterioration Damage larger than regulations will allow However, we can repair most punctures. If not we can recommend replacement.

About Us

Here at A-Team Tyres in Hertford We believe in offering a friendly and professional service to our customers and are well known in the town of Hertford.

Together we have 25 years experience in the tyre trade and have built up a vast knowledge of the industry and a wealth of experience in fitting all types of tyres.

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